Award Acceptance

Research awards made to Georgetown University include grants, contracts, research agreements and cooperative agreements. The Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is responsible for  for receipt and negotiation of all research-related agreements for the Medical Center, in consultation with other relevant University offices.  

All research and training grants and contracts involving university personnel and/or facilities represent legally binding agreements between sponsors and the University.  OSR is the Medical Center authorized organizational representative (AOR) and the only office legally authorized to bind the Medical Center in matters of externally funded research agreements. The Director of Sponsored Research and the University Vice President of Finance and Treasurer or their designees have been delegated signature authority for such agreements. While sponsors may require additional signatures of other University personnel, such as principal investigators, the agreement is not valid without the signature of one of these signatories. The Director or Deputy Director of the Medical Center Office of Sponsored Research must review and approve all award agreements prior to forwarding to the Chief Financial Officer for signature, if appropriate.