Extensions and Supplements

Requests for “extensions” or “supplements” must be addressed to the sponsor through the Office of Sponsored Research. Many sponsors permit a one year no-cost extension (no additional funds) at the end of the award period. If you require a no-cost extension, please request one by sending an email request, including the reason for the no-cost extension, to OSR at osrapps@georgetown.edu.

Note that no-cost extensions are not permitted simply to use unexpended funds. No-cost extensions may be granted to:

  • Permit an orderly phase-out of a project that will not receive continued support
  • Maintain continuity of support while a renewal application is under review
  • Ensure that the originally approved project is adequately completed.

After receiving your request, OSR will either extend your account or send a formal extension request to the sponsor, depending on the terms and conditions of the award.