Principal Investigator Responsibilities

  • Conducting the research project in accordance with the proposed research and the terms and conditions of the award. Note that the sponsor’s written approval is required for a significant change the scope of work.
  • Managing project resources to ensure timely and successful completion of the project.
  • Approving expenses charged to the project restricted account. Be sure to use the correct account codes are used when charging expenses to externally funded projects.
  • Reviewing the monthly “Budget to Actuals Report” for accuracy and reporting any discrepancies to the SPFO as soon as possible.
  • Filing required technical reports as stated in the award document. A copy of the report or correspondence accompanying the technical report must be provided to the OSR to log in GMS for inclusion in the University file for audit compliance.
  • Reporting any inventions and or scientific discoveries made during the course of the project to the Office of Technology Commercialization.
  • Notifying the Property Accounting Department in Financial Affairs if capital equipment (equipment valued at $5,000 or more and having a life expectancy of at least three years) is being transferred between institutions or disposed of.
  • Level of Effort – Investigators must work with their department administrators to document their level of effort on various research projects. A change of more than 25% in the level of effort (e.g., decrease from 50% to 35% or 5% to 3%) requires sponsor notification and approval. Note that OSR Grants Officers review all progress reports submitted to NIH and alert department administrators and SPFO of any level of effort changes.