Proposal Submission

Federal proposals that have been approved by OSR are submitted by the OSR Proposal Manager to the funding agency using the appropriate US Government proposal submission portal. Changes to an application or budget following OSR review are strictly prohibited! Final application packages must be received by OSR no later than five (5) working days prior to the sponsor submission deadline. The University reserves the right to withdraw a proposal after submission to the sponsor if material errors or omissions are discovered.

Once submitted, OSR will monitor the application as it moves through and eRA Commons or other portal error checking and certifications. (Applicants should confirm that they have an eRA Commons account at least six [6] weeks before the submission deadline. Contact RDS for assistance.) OSR will work with RDS staff and the applicant to correct any errors and/or warnings until the application package has been successfully submitted.

Note: NIH and other federal sponsors adhere strictly to submission deadlines.  An application is not considered submitted until it is certified error-free. The response time from and eRA Commons can vary greatly depending on submission volume and NIH system status. Thus, it is imperative that applications be submitted well ahead of the submission deadline and that principal investigators make themselves available to OSR to correct application errors or warnings.