Sub-Agreements to Collaborating Institutions

OSR is responsible for establishing, modifying and closing out sub-agreements from GUMC to other institutions.  GU-Pass is used by RDS and OSR to track initiation and modification of sub-awards.  Upon receipt of a prime award, RDS will reach out to the PI on the award and departmental personnel to determine if a sub-agreement is to be issued and to confirm the details of the sub-award. RDS staff will then submit a request to OSR in GU-Pass to initiate or modify a sub-contract to another institution using funds from the incoming sponsored research award.  

Collaborative relationships are generally established during proposal development and documented as subrecipients in GU-Pass by RDS as part of the proposal institutional review and approval process.  If a project requirement for a subcontractor develops after receipt of award, the principal investigator may need to submit a sole source justification to OSR describing why the contractor is needed and why the proposed subcontractor is the only organization that can do the work.

Payments to subcontractors are processed by Sponsored Projects Financial Operations (SPFO). Once OSR receives a fully executed sub-agreement (signed by the sub-institution and counter-signed by Georgetown University), a copy of the agreement is forwarded to the principal investigator and to SPFO to file in departmental records.

Note: Incoming sub-agreements from collaborating institutions are manages as sponsored research awards.  Proposals to other institutions to participate in sponsored research should be entered into GU-Pass by RDS for OSR review and approval prior to submission to the prime institution.  Industry-sponsored clinical trial agreement negotiations are also managed using GU-Pass.